Spring Has Sprung!

The smell of fresh air bursting through the open windows, moving the curtains ever so slightly, gives a rejuvenated feel to the entire home. One look around, however, and it’s easy to see the boney, worn-thin fingertips of Winter clutching at the corners of the rooms. Looking outside, you see the birds flying through the sky, landing on the tree in the backyard. You hear them singing their melodious songs. The snow has all melted, the ground accepting the torrent of extra water. A game plan is made for spring cleaning. After all, spring has sprung, so should you.

 You decide this year, you’re going to take the approach to the house from that one show on Netflix- the one where she tells you to get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. And so you start clearing out the hall closet. Then the bedrooms. Then the basement. You throw fresh coats of paint where they’re needed, patch holes in the kids rooms (what the heck are they doing in there, anyway?!), and wash all of the winter clothes to lock them away in their vault until the next time Winter emerges from its hibernation. Spring has sprung, so should you.

 Finally, the sun has shone long enough the remnants of the cold have run away in fear. You go outside and realize the inside of your home has been cleaned and had the cobwebs dusted off, but you’ve still got that old aluminum siding on your home. With the end of the tax season approaching (hallelujah!) and home shows in full swing, now is the time to move on gathering your estimates for your home improvement projects. Spring has sprung, and so should you.