I Have A Service, Now What?

So you have a service claim, now what?

First and foremost, STAY CALM! We are here for you!

Before you contact the office, please take a minute to gather some necessary information that will help expedite your process. If you are having an issue with a window, try to locate the serial number (this is like the VIN for your car- it tells the manufacturer every specification on your window).


For double hung windows (see picture below)- unlock the window, push the bottom sash up a few inches and tilt it in (it is absolutely okay to let the bottom sash rest of the frame), pull down the top sash, and look inside the top of the actual frame of your window (the vinyl part that holds your sashes in place).


For slider windows (sashes slide side to side)- unlock the window, slide one sash, and look inside the top of the actual frame of your window. If you cannot find the sticker, slide the other sash and look along the top of the frame, again.


For stationary picture windows and casements (crank out)- you will not be able to locate the serial number. Skip to the next step.


Once you have located the serial number, jot down some details (whether it is the top or bottom sash, left or right sash) and give us a call and tell us which window is having the problem and what the problem is.  If you can’t no worries, we can help you- just be patient with us as it may take a couple days since we have to contact the manufacturer.


A few things to note:

Condensation on the interior of your home during heat waves or the infamous polar vortex we seem to experience every winter is perfectly normal and will go away after the extreme weather has ended. Condensation is generally caused by a difference in humidity between the outside air and the air inside your home. If the interior of your home is extremely warm in the winter, and you do not run a dehumidifier, you will most likely experience condensation because the window is not allowing the air with the extra moisture to escape; which is exactly why they’re more energy efficient and what you paid for. Condensation does not necessarily mean your windows are awful. Our windows are of a great quality and do exactly what they’re supposed to do. Conversely, if you experience condensation on the exterior of your windows in the middle of summer, the opposite is true: the glass is cooler from your air conditioning and the humidity outside is finding the coolest spot to cling. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to change the weather (if we could, I promise you we wouldn’t have experienced all the rain, flooding, and high winds we have lately).  Please note: if your condensation is excessive (like there are beads of water running down your window panes), give us a call. A small amount is normal and should disappear once the relative humidity has balanced itself out, this scenario is not a small amount.


If your service requires parts that come directly from the manufacturer, we are at the mercy of your manufacturer. If your manufacturer tells us they cannot get your parts to us in any less than 6 weeks, unfortunately, we cannot make time move faster. We thank you for your patience and understanding, in advance. We will always be here to help you, we just can’t always make it happen as quickly as we (or you) would like.

Finally, please be sure to have your contract handy for when you speak with our service department. It will help them to be able to find your information quicker and get your service opened and, therefore, completed faster.