Our Story

It is imperative, when purchasing a project, to discern separately quality of product and proper installation techniques; if one area is substandard, you have the probability of job failure and great disappointment!
— Karl Rothacker, President & Founder

In 1973, founder and owner, Karl Rothacker, entered the vinyl siding and window replacement industry as a manufacturer's representative. As such, he gained valuable expertise in product quality differences. From there, Mr. Rothacker moved into combining installation with various product designs. He later partnered with well-recognized names, such as Owens Corning and Dupont. He created the first installation window video series for Owens Corning, and supplied the first fade-resistant vinyl siding product in the industry (manufactured by Dupont).

Shortly following the static arrangements of product versus installation, Mr. Rothacker further advanced the relationship by vertically integrating both product and installation, coupling direct installation from manufacturing to the homeowner, thus creating one of the best labor and material warranties in the industry today!

After 41 years of serving over 30,000 satisfied customers, it was Mr. Rothacker's desire to guarantee the company's survival, which resulted in bringing on a partner: Celeste Budnik. This addition allows customers to have peace of mind and continued confidence in the company, knowing they will receive a lifetime of service and will keep CVS as one of the leaders in identifying customer's ever-changing needs.


Celeste Budnik joined the CVS family in 2014, having just completed her studies at Westminster College, earning a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Mrs. Budnik has spent the last several years working closely with Mr. Rothacker, learning the industry, its products, and the necessary procedures and strategies that have allowed CVS to be one of the leaders in home improvement, while also bringing fresh ideas and new insight to the company.

Throughout her tenure, Celeste has gained an education for the industry far beyond what any textbook could teach, and plans to use this knowledge, in combination with the company's highly skilled and experienced employees, to maintain and, ultimately, grow customer satisfaction along with the company's health.

The company has made several necessary changes, in several different departments, to adapt to the continually developing industry. These changes will allow CVS to continue its presence in the home improvement industry, as well as allow for future growth.

While the industry may always be dynamic by definition, the focus and goal of CVS will always remain the same: to provide quality products and service to meet the ever-changing needs of the customer.